Vacating a Property

Moving from one property to another can be a stressful time. We hope that this page will help to clarify your rights and obligations as a tenant vacating a premises. The vacating process begins when a tenant issues a Notice of Termination (REIWA PDF form), or when a lessor issues a Notice to Leave. If you intend to leave when your contract expires, and you have a Fixed Term lease you will need to give 30 days’ written notice before your lease end day.

Eg: If your lease ends on the 30th June, you would need to give written notice on the 30th May to ensure the vacate is the 30th June.

Please note: If sufficient time is not given (Eg: Lease ends the 30th June and written notice is not given until the 15th June), you are liable for rent and upkeep of the property for an additional 30 days taking vacate date to the 15th July.

If you are in a Periodic lease, you will be required to provide 21 days written notice. Once notice is received the 21 days will come into effect, the same as the above example for the fixed term lease.

Once adequate notice has been given, a tenant will be issued with a vacate date. This is the latest date that a vacating tenant is able to return the keys to Activewest Real Estate. A tenant is also required to have all their belongings out from the property and have left the property in good order. You are required to pay rent until this date, regardless of whether you occupy it in the final days or not.

If the property is not left in a respectable condition as per your property condition report when you entered the premises (a copy will be emailed or posted to you for your reference, when noticed is given), we will hire professional cleaners at your expense, this cost will be deducted from your bond.

At the end of your tenancy you will no doubt want your bond refunded quickly after you vacate.

For your full bond to be paid quickly, you need to ensure the following:

  • Rent – any outstanding rent is paid promptly
  • Property ready – property is cleaned, carpets professionally cleaned, and grounds returned to their ingoing condition. Please follow the Vacating Inspection Guide. The property must also pass the final inspection conducted by our Agency.
  • Outstanding accounts – please ensure that any monies outstanding for water, any damages, compensations amount and break lease fees are paid (if required).
  • Keys – ensures all keys, remotes etc. have been returned.
  • Final water reading – can take up to 2 weeks.


Once the criteria have been met, we can start the process to have your bond refunded to you. Allow up to 2 weeks. Delays to this in all cases relate to one or more of these criteria not being met.

We will submit the bond disposal online after everyone is in agreeance on the deductions (if applicable) and you would then be contacted by the Bond Administrator via email/or SMS to complete the electronic signature. The Bond Administrator will then disburse the funds accordingly. If you have not received your funds (if applicable) within 14 days of completing the online disposal, you would then need to contact the Bond Administrator (08) 6251 2715 with your bond reference number.