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Emergency items are generally those that could cause injury to the tenant or damage to the property, and may include:

Water pipes have broken or burst

Blocked or broken toilet (if a second toilet is not available)

Serious roof leak or gas leak

Dangerous electrical fault, dangerous power point, loose live wire etc.

Flooding, rainwater inundation inside the property, or serious flood damage

Serious storm, fire or impact damage (i.e. impact by a motor vehicle)

Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises

Hot water service failure (NOT INCLUDING REPLACEMENT) on a weekend, or long weekend (this would not be considered an after-hours emergency if this occurs on a week night)

Fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure

Fault likely to injure a person, cause damage or extreme inconvenience

If an emergency repair is required during business hours, please contact your Property Investment Manager on (08) 9921 4555. Should an emergency repair be required after hours then you need to phone the office number (08) 9921 4455 and follow the prompts (leave your name, number, property and problem).

When leaving a message with regards to your call, please ensure you provide us with your name, phone number and a description of what has occurred.

If your call to the office after hours is not considered to be an emergency repair your maintenance will be dealt with in the next business day.

Please consider if you have any works done to the property that may not be deemed an emergency, you as the tenant can be liable for the call out fees associated with after hours and weekend trade rates.

Depending on what maintenance has been submitted can impact on the timelines to complete the works.

If the maintenance is a bigger job than normal, this may need to have Suppliers come and quote on the job for us to then submit this to the owner for approval.

Maintenance can also be held up if an owner is uncontactable or access to the property is delayed.

It is company policy to action all maintenance within 24hrs of receiving the request in writing.

If repairs or maintenance are required, the landlord is generally required to pay unless they were caused deliberately by the tenant.

Communication is key here, so as soon as you are aware of any problem, get in touch with your property manager in writing.

Standard rental agreements allow for “fair wear and tear” but tenants also have a responsibility to keep the property reasonably clean and hand it back in a similar condition to how it was at the start of the agreement.

Maintenance Inside

You must keep the premises in a reasonable state of repair during the tenancy and comply with building, health and safety laws.

As the tenant, you are responsible for basic household maintenance like replacing light globes, vacuuming, cleaning windows, dusting and removing cobwebs inside and out.

The owner is responsible for the upkeep of the property, for example plumbing and the maintenance of contents already provided such as the stove, hot water system, or air conditioner.

If there is mould or mildew caused by faults in gutters or other fixtures, this would be an owner requirement to fix. On the other hand (where the property allows), you as the tenant must ensure there is adequate ventilation throughout to help avoid mould problems occurring.

Maintenance Outside

Your owner is responsible for major tree lopping, cutting back overhanging branches (such as those near power lines) and maintaining fire breaks.

You as the tenant, are responsible for garden maintenance (keeping the garden alive), such as mowing and edging lawns, weeding and light pruning.

Your owner is responsible for the normal maintenance to any garden reticulation system.

It is a good idea to have clear instructions on the proper use of any reticulation system. Make sure you have access to the system’s timer box.

As the tenant, you may still be responsible for hand watering the garden where it is reasonable to do so.

You should advise your property manager if you notice a water leak. If you don’t, and the leak is obvious, you may be liable for the cost of water resulting from the leak. However, you are not liable for issues or consequential damages caused by hidden water leaks.

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