Short Stay Accommodation

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Looking for somewhere to stay short to medium term? There are currently and will be more in the future many employees coming in from out of town & over east to work that would be looking for some Short Term / Long Term accommodation.

We believe that some companies are finding it difficult to find accommodation for team members thus delaying arrivals and causing unnecessary stress to both employers, employees & their families.

Activewest Real Estate has the ability to assist in both areas.

Activewest Real Estate has a number of properties designed to accommodate the short term market and importantly has set up a strategic alliance with one of Geraldton's finest accommodation providers in Geraldton's Ocean West Holiday Units to offer what we believe to be a first in Geraldton.

Not only do we have the ability to accommodate your short to medium term requirements, but in the event you or your team members require somewhere to stay short term while they search for appropriate longer term accommodation then Geraldton's Ocean West can provide this service. Geraldton's Ocean West is structured so that it's leases allow flexibility for tenants to move out once alternative long term accommodation is found. Activewest Real Estate can then coordinate to find required long term accommodation allowing you or your team members to get on with their job knowing someone is doing the leg work for them.

For more information on all your accommodation requirements please contact one of our highly trained Property Managers and we look forward to helping you soon.