People selling their home invariably gravitate to the real estate agent whose appraisal of the property is the highest. While it is flattering to think the agent seems to appreciate the value of your home, there are many other factors that should be taken into account, such as the agent's enthusiasm, diplomacy, experience and negotiating skills.

When deciding on the most suitable agent to sell your property it's very important to go well beyond their opinion of value when assessing their suitability to undertake the sale process.

The agent should be able to substantiate the value of your house by showing you nearby properties of similar style and value that they have sold recently.

Viewing written references and even speaking to former clients will also provide an insight into the agent's professionalism.

As potential buyers tend to follow agencies who can offer a wide variety of property in a locality, the agents' profile in your suburb is most important, as is the price range usually dealt with.

The agent should also be able to justify the suggested method of sale (auction or private sale) on the basis of results and market research.

The agent's advertising and marketing strategy is also important and can be evaluated by taking note of the quality of brochures, signboards and weekly property guides, and their ability to secure editorial coverage in newspapers. They should also be able to attract buyers in addition to those sourced from advertising and should be asked to demonstrate how this is achieved.

Finally, one of the most vital factors to consider is whether you like and feel comfortable with the salesperson who will be conducting the open for inspections, providing feedback after any private appointments and the open for inspections and handling the day to day running of the campaign.