Rental Appraisal

If you would like to have our team come and appraise your property, we would arrange a convenient time to meet with you and view the property. From here, we would complete a rental appraisal letter and then follow up within 48hrs to see if we can assist any further or answer any remaining questions.

Once you decide to have Activewest manage your Investment Property for you, a Managing Authority will be drawn up and posted or email out to you for signing. Once this has been done and correctly completed, we are able to legally manage and advertise your Investment Property for you.

Other points to take into consideration are:-

  • Ensure you have Landlord Insurance in place. Call your current insurer and find out if they offer Landlord Insurance and also include Contents Insurance (this covers fixtures and fittings).
  • Prior to a tenant moving in, we complete we ensure that a full pre tenancy clean completed on the property. This will ensure that when the tenant vacates they leave the Property in the same condition upon the commencement of the lease (general wear and tear excepted).
  • Advise Synergy (131353) that you are moving out. They will probably suggest keeping the supply in your name until a new tenant is found. Once a tenant is selected we will advise you and you can organise to have the connection removed from your name and the tenant will be required to connect into their name. This will be the same for Alinta Gas (131358)
  • Water – this stays in your name. We will arrange for all water consumption invoices to be sent to Activewest. We will initially pay this from your funds and allow the tenant 7-14 days to reimburse you.
  • We will organise for the carpets to be professionally cleaned prior to any tenant moving in, one less thing for you to worry about.

Communication between you and our team is paramount, so that total understanding of the procedure is clear and as straightforward as possible.

What are Activewest’s expectations for handing your Investment Property over to us?


27 simple and inexpensive ways to get your property ready for tenants


  1. Ceilings Any marks or cobwebs removed.
  2. Light fittings Cleaned, no dust or cobwebs.
  3. Walls All marks removed and any small holes or chips patched.
  4. Skirting Dusted and wiped clean.
  5. Windows Cleaned, all cobwebs removed, runners vacuumed, sills dusted and wiped.
  6. Treatments Blinds wiped and cleaned, curtains washed or dry-cleaned, curtain rods dusted and wiped.
  7. Flyscreens Cleaned, no dust or cobwebs.
  8. Doors/ frames All marks and finger marks removed.
  9. Basin/ bath/ shower Taps cleaned, tiles and grouting cleaned.
  10. Toilet Cleaned and disinfected.
  11. Exhaust fans Cleaned and degreased.
  12. Kitchen appliances Oven, grill and cook top cleaned.
  13. Cupboards & drawers Cleaned inside and out, kick boards cleaned.
  14. Floors Lino, tiles, polished boards etc washed or polished.


  1. Eaves All cobwebs removed.
  2. Gutters Clean and any leaf litter etc removed.
  3. Verandas & patios Swept clean and all cobwebs removed.
  4. Paths & paving Swept and cleared of weeds.
  5. Gardens Lawns mowed and edged and gardens cleared of weeds and leaves. Retic-ulation checked and functioning.
  6. Sheds, garage/ carport Rubbish and cobwebs removed, floors swept and any grease stains re-moved.


  1. Fences No cracks, holes or broken sheets.
  2. Flyscreens Check for damage or deterioration.
  3. Gates/ windows/ doors Do they open and close properly?
  4. Locks Do all have keys available?
  5. Roof tiles Check for cracks or leaks.
  6. Pool equipment & pump Is your pool well maintained and inviting?
  7. Outside lights Are all globes in good working order?

You can feel secure knowing your property is at its best by following Our 27 Point Plan which sets a high stand-ard for your tenants who will have to leave the property in the same condition when they vacate.